Makassar Team Targets Victory in NTB Governor Cup

Makassar Team Targets Victory in NTB Governor Cup

The 2015 ISL runner ups, Pinky Boys are taking part in the NTB Governor Cup in Lombok starting 12 September 2015. However, the team famously known to wear pink, has chosen to go by a new name, Wattunnammi WPK.

The Makassar based team has been preparing for the competition since a month ago, and despite a short period of preparation, they admit to be 100% fit and ready to compete for the NTB Governor Cup title.

“The team has been training since last month. And ready or not, we have to be ready. but Alhamdulillah, we’re all prepared for the tournament. So far there hasn’t been a problem despite the short-period of preparation” said Renaldy, a Pinky Boys player.

The squad for the NTB Governor Cup, is similar to the Pinky Boys for ISL 2015. The slight changes are the addition of two new players coming in from fellow ISL 2015 team, Pertamina Energy.

“There are two players (from the Pinky Boys) that are no longer here, Rahmatullah and Odang. Replaced by Ryan Ardyansa and Mursalihin from Pertamina Energy,” added Renaldy.

“The target is to win the tournement. We hope to play well in every game and bring in great results,” Renaldy told Futsal Zone.

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