Indonesia’s Best 5 Left-Footed Players

Indonesia’s Best 5 Left-Footed Players

Based on various surveys, the percentage of left footed futsal players are fewer than right footed players.  Here are FutsalZone’s 5 left footed futsal players that have their own styles.

Vincent Valen


This former BiangBola player is known to be a tough-but-fair type of player. Vincent has great accuracy in his passing, and plays with such simplicity. He seems to have eyes on the sides of his head, as he doesn’t need to look for his team-mates to pass. Vincent last played for SWAP in FSL.

Hasib Faisal


Hasib Faisal first came through as a Futsal Kota Bandung player, and has an instinct to play quick and attractive futsal. The currect FC Libido player, has a knack to dribble the ball close to his left foot and make it difficult for opponents to take it off him.

Ardiansyah Runtuboy


His small slim figure depicts the speed he has in his game. Runtuboy is gifted with speed and agility with the ball. With his left foot, the player from Papua can dribble quickly pass his opponents .  The student from SMAN 4 Jayapura also has great footwork, combining movement from both his left and right foot  to deceive opponents.

Syahidansyah Lubis


This heavy bodied player has great strength, especially in his shooting, making it impossible for goalkeepers to save. The Vamos Carlsberg player is usually played as a pivot. However, as a pivot, he also has great dribbling ability. With his great shooting power, Saed is usually the end of his team’s movement, executing it with a great shot. The Indonesian international is also great at holding up the ball with his sturdy  figure.

Caesar Silitonga


With his big posture, Caesar is the ideal player to play as a pivot. Caesar has many qualities as a player. He has a great control of the ball, being able to control a ball off the ground or the air. The control of Indonesian’s captain is equipped with his power and balance. Therefore making him able to hold the ball up well as opponent’s challenge come and go.

Not all power and strength, Caesar is also gifted with great finishing ability. He is also often used to execute the wall pass, providing his teammates with a pass to finish it off.

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