Indonesian Futsal Clubs in Dire Need of Professional Touch

Indonesian Futsal Clubs in Dire Need of Professional Touch

Futsal in Indonesia is increasingly growing with help from the media which has played a significant role. However, the public still seems unfamiliar with futsal in Indonesia.

Most people still regard futsal as a mere hobby and  are more likely to follow the development of football. Who are the groups of people that are familiar with Indonesian futsal? These are mostly futsal enthusiasts who often follow the national futsal news.

Among these futsal enthusiasts are big ‘bosses’ who own a futsal teams, be it a pro or non-pro team. In fact, it doesn’t really matter, because even non-pro class teams can be turned into pro teams.

How? Well enough capital and big sponsors can turn your favorite team into a professional team in an instant. Players in a team is practically chosen by a big boss.

Coaches are often the last piece of the puzzle that is appointed to handle a team that has been formed. From this we can see that Indonesian futsal clubs are far from professionally run.

After the league is over, can the team be guaranteed to stay or will it be disbanded? The answer is with the boss. If the team causes the boss to suffer huge financial losses, then most likely it will be dispersed or be acquired by a new boss. In fact, several teams that managed to survive have even sold their league spots.

The polemic of the short-lived futsal team in perfutsalan Indonesia has become taboo. This is the case not only in futsal, but also in football. A great example is Bhayangkara FC. Where did the team suddenly appear from in the highest competition of the Indonesian League? Only God and the owners of the team knows.

Back again to futsal, some teams that are labeled professional and could be said to be legendary teams are no longer in existence. Among them are Biang Bola, Jaya Kencana, Electric PLN, Rawa Tigers, and there are still a few more.

Of course we hope that they are able to appear again. However, without the financial backing, it is very unlikely.

Then, how do you become a professional team? Infrastructure is the number one thing a professional team must have. A concrete example is PTT Chonburi Bluewave Futsal. This Thai futsal team has a homebase that is the envy of most Indonesian teams.

Bluewave Arena, with a capacity of 3,000, is the official home for the team that was formed in 2006.

Second thing is long-term financially stability. Why do so many Indonesian futsal teams disband after the league is over? Financial is a major factor. According to reliable sources, the average Indonesian futsal team is only funded for one season and the player contract system is only for one season.

Moreover, the salaries of futsal players in Indonesia are very private and its value cannot be known. It’s the same with salaries of players in football which is pretty much kept as a secret.

The federation should set standard provisions for professional clubs. With clubs only preparing short-term financing, of course futsal lovers will continue to see teams that come and go, and perhaps even see more mergers or buying league slots

As of today, there are only a few teams that can be said to have been quite long-lasting. Of course, the hope of the public is that the teams that already have a big name can continue to exist.

We need to make PTT Chonburi Bluewave Futsal a role model for Indonesian futsal teams. Chonburi won the AFC Futsal Championship twice in 2013 and 2017. That was thanks to the long-term process. It took Chonburi 7 years to become a futsal champion in Asia.

It starts from being financially sound and long-term so that it can create a team program for the next 10 years with a note that in 2030 (for example) the team has been targeted to win at the AFC Futsal Championship.

Certainly, the hope of Indonesian futsal lovers is to see one of Indonesia’s futsal teams reach the heights of Chonburi.

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