Brazilian Bruninho Salles hopes to win titles with Vamos

Brazilian Bruninho Salles hopes to win titles with Vamos

Bruninho Salles says he wishes to win many titles with Vamos when he was found in Bali with his teammates preparing for the iNews TV Cup, which is set to start on Thursday (13/8)

Last year, Bruno missed out on the Futsal Super League (FSL) due to Indonesian Futsal Association (AFI) regulations.

“I was very sad because I couldn’t play and help my team (Vamos)” said the Brazilian. He further explained however, that he respects AFI’s regulations on foreign players in FSL.”

“I hope next year the rules are changed and I can play with my team” Bruno added.


Bruno also admits he is confident with the arrival of 5 new players into the squad  (Andriansyah “Adom” Agustin, Anaz, Afit, Amu dan Nazil). He believes they will make Vamos a stronger team and will win them many titles.

“We have two upcoming tournaments. This week is iNews TV Cup (Bali), then GATO (Bandung) the following week. They will be two tough tournaments and we hope we can win titles,”  he said optimistically.

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