Andrew Rues Indonesia’s Absence in 2015 AFF Futsal Cup

Andrew Rues Indonesia’s Absence in 2015 AFF Futsal Cup

The ban Indonesia received from FIFA due to internal organization troubles means they can not compete in the 2015 AFF Futsal Championship.  The tournament which was initially to be held in Indonesia, is now set to be held in Thailand

“I am obviously sad and disappointed that Indonesia cannot compete in the AFF and AFC cup,” said Andri Kustiawan, an Indonesian national futsal player.

Andri "Andrew" Kustiawan saat membela TImnas Futsal Indonesia pada Piala MNC Cup 2014

Andri “Andrew” Kustiawan playing for Indonesia at the Piala MNC Cup 2014

If not for the ban, Indonesia would be in group A, alongside Thailand, Timor Leste, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, and Singapore. The tournament will go on for 10 days, from 8-18 October 2015.

“My personal hope is for Indonesian futsal to prosper. And for the league to be more well-organized. I would like for there to be another competition after the league ends, so the players won’t need to wait so long,” added the FC Libido player.

Not only will Indonesia miss out on AFF, but will also miss out on the AFC Futsal Championship 2016 qualifications in Uzbekistan because of the ban.

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