4 Foreign Players Who Have Played for Indonesian Teams

4 Foreign Players Who Have Played for Indonesian Teams

This year, not one single foreign player is participating in the Indonesian Futsal League or Pro Futsal League (PFL). This is because the league this year does not allow teams to recruit foreign players in the competition.

The ban came from the Indonesian Futsal Federation (FFI) following the FIFA sanction dropped to the Indonesian football federation PSSI. As a result, FFI which is structured under PSSI, is not allowed to officially bring foreign players into the league.

Last year, in the 2015 Indonesian Futsal League, FFI allowed clubs to use the services of foreign players to compete in the league. The same rule applied in previous years. Who are the foreign players that has tasted the futsal atmosphere in Indonesia? Check below!

Ekkapan Suratsawang and Ekapon Suratsawang (Thailand)


Thai twins Ekkapan and Ekkapon both played for Electric PLN. Their decision to join the Jakarta-based club and compete in the Indonesian futsal league was something many found strange,as it is widely known that the Thai futsal league is much better than the one in Indonesia.

Ekkapan dan Ekapon are both experienced players. Apart from being regular fixtures in the Thailand national team in the 2008 Futsal World Cup in Brazil, the pair has also played in futsal leagues in a number of different countries.

Rico Zulkarnain (Wales)

Rico Zulkarnain is a star of the Wales national futsal team. In Indonesia, he played for Jakarta team IPC Pelindo, who went on to win the futsal league in Rico’s time there in 2015.

Rico is actually has Indonesian blood running in his veins. The 26 year-old’s father is Indonesian, while his mother is Welsh.

In the 2015 futsal league final, Rico scored two goals to help his team crown off an amazing 2015 campaign as champions by beating Pinky Boys Makassar 7-0 at Gor STTD Bekasi.

Bruninho Hossales (Brazil)

In 2014, Vamos Mataram brought Brazilian player Bruninho Salles to Indonesia. Having played in various tournaments in Indonesia for Vamos, Bruno, as he is commonly known, was left ruing his luck after he was told that he could not play in the professional futsal league last year.

The FFI has set a standard for foreign players wanting to play professionally for Indonesian clubs, a rule which many view as unnecessary and holding back the potential of the league. The rule states that only foreign players who have represented their national team are allowed to play in the league.

This rule understandable upset the Bruno, who has never played for the Brazilian national team. “I am very sad, because I cant play and help my team mates,” he said.

The 28 year-old said that he respects the FFI rule on the standard of foreign players in the league. However, he is also hopeful that the rule could change in the future.

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